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Federal Crime: A 6-Minute Delay

An Air Force veteran was recently court-martialed for several crimes. The one and only charge that he was found guilty of was being six minutes late to a meeting that he had arranged with his superior officer to go over some concerns that he had about being targeted by other officers.

He was late to the meeting as he was posted in a different area of the base with a task, and couldn’t leave his post until a replacement arrived as things were too busy. Upon learning that he would be late, he’d called to reschedule the meeting that he’d scheduled, but was unable to do so by the person he spoke with at the office of his commander. Not wanting to be derelict in his duty, he remained at his post and was late to the meeting by six minutes. Later, he was told about the upcoming charges of being late and more charges were added a bit later than that again.

During this time, he was demoted in rank, which has resulted in him being in the service of the Air Force for as long as possible at his new rank. He will be given an honorable discharge, but is appealing this demotion.

His biggest worry is the same as many who have been convicted of a crime is finding a new job where he has to checkmark the box asking about his criminal background. There is hope for him that his appeal will go through, but for some, once convicted, that black mark remains.

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