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Criminal Attorney in Shrewsbury, New Jersey

Criminal Defense Lawyer for Monmouth County and Surrounding Counties

Being arrested or cited for a municipal court offense can be confusing and worrisome. You will sleep better knowing that your case is being managed by an experienced New Jersey municipal court criminal defense attorney.

William J. Connelly, III, Esq. served as a municipal court prosecutor for more than 14 years. He knows the laws. He knows the court procedures. Most of all, he understands what it takes to achieve positive outcomes for his clients.

Effective, Client-Focused Criminal Defense

Whether your child has been arrested for minor consumption or you are facing a careless driving charge after an accident, you can rely on Mr. Connelly for effective legal defense, personal service and a friendly manner that will set your mind at ease. He represents clients throughout Monmouth County facing a broad range of municipal court offenses, including:

  • Juvenile offenses: Making mistakes is part of growing up. Some mistakes, however, can have serious consequences. Criminal defense attorney William J. Connelly, III, defends young people charged with underage drinking, underage DUI, possession of marijuana or other drugs, theft, property damage, assault, traffic violations and other juvenile offenses.
  • DUI/DWI: Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can result in serious, long-term consequences, from insurance surcharges, license suspension to jail time. A skilled defense attorney can help minimize the negative and costly consequences of a DUI arrest.
  • License suspension: How will you get to work and support yourself if you cannot drive? Mr. Connelly will explore all the options to help you get back on the road as soon as is legally possible.
  • Disorderly persons offenses: Disorderly persons offenses include theft, shoplifting, simple assault, disorderly conduct, petty disorderly conduct, possession of small amounts of marijuana, and resisting arrest. New Jersey criminal defense attorney William J. Connelly, III, will develop a defense strategy geared to your specific situation.
  • Drug charges: Mr. Connelly will examine the evidence against you carefully to see if the police followed proper procedure in their investigation and your arrest.
  • Weapons hearings: If your firearms were confiscated by the police as the result of a criminal complaint or investigation, attorney William J. Connelly, III, may be able to help you get them back. He can also help you appeal a denial of a permit to purchase a firearm.
  • Traffic violations: Do not assume there is nothing that can be done to mitigate the consequences of speeding tickets and related traffic offenses. A knowledgeable lawyer can help.
  • Expungement: A criminal and or municipal court record can interfere with your life years after disposition. Expungement can clear your record so you can truly move on with your life. Find out if you can take advantage of this opportunity for a fresh start.
  • Restraining orders: If a temporary restraining order has been taken out against you, Mr. Connelly may be able to prevent it from becoming a final restraining order.
  • Municipal ordinance violations: Violating local ordinances for disturbing the peace, littering, excessive noise, public intoxication, and many others can cost you money and stain your record. Mr. Connelly will work to achieve a favorable resolution to the issue.

Legal Help for Difficult Times

Mr. Connelly has represented people of all ages and backgrounds. Many of his clients are anxious and worried after an arrest. Most of them have never been charged with a criminal offense before. They appreciate their lawyer’s ability to guide them through the process, protect their interests and resolve their legal problems as quickly as possible.

If you are looking for an experienced municipal court criminal defense attorney, please call William J. Connelly, III, Esq., or contact him online. From his offices in Tinton Falls, he represents clients throughout Monmouth County, New Jersey, and surrounding counties.

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