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Sooner or later, nearly everyone who drives receives a traffic ticket of some kind. Most people just pay the fine and get on with their lives.

Every time you pay a fine for a traffic violation, however, you are pleading guilty to and are convicted of a moving violation. Every conviction adds points to your driving record that you can never completely remove. If you accumulate too many points:

The next time you get a traffic ticket, think twice before paying it. Contact New Jersey traffic violations attorney William J. Connelly, III, for legal advice and representation. Mr. Connelly is an experienced attorney and former municipal court prosecutor who can advise you on whether or not you should fight a traffic ticket and whether you need legal help. He represents clients cited for all types of traffic violations, including:

  • Speeding: One of the most common types of traffic violations, speeding can result in heavy fines and points on your driving record. The greater the speed, the greater the fines and number of points.
  • Reckless driving/Careless driving: Motor vehicle accidents often lead to reckless or careless driving citations. It is important to request a civil reservation in these cases so that the violation cannot be used against you in a civil proceeding, should someone file a lawsuit against you.
  • Other moving violations: From improper passing to driving too slowly to driving through private property to avoid a traffic sign, you can be cited for dozens of different traffic violations. All of the infractions will add points to your driving record, putting you at risk for license suspension, fines and more.

How Can An Attorney Help?

A lawyer who is experienced in traffic violations can assess the seriousness of your situation and make a plan for protecting your interests. When the risks are low, Mr. Connelly may advise you to pay the ticket, but also take a driver improvement program or defensive driving program that will deduct points from your record. In more serious cases, he will request a hearing to contest the ticket. He may seek to reduce the charges against you or get them dismissed entirely.

Mr. Connelly represents most of his traffic violation clients for a flat fee, so you will know how much legal representation will cost upfront. To arrange a free initial consultation about your traffic tickets, please call attorney William J. Connelly, III, or contact our law office online. From our offices in Tinton Falls, near Red Bank, New Jersey, we represent clients throughout Monmouth County and surrounding counties.

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