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Monmouth County Lawyer Representing Clients in Firearms Hearings and Permit Denials throughout NJ

Criminal Defense Attorney William J. Connelly, III, is a strong believer in the U.S. Constitution, including the Second Amendment.  He helps clients exercise their constitutional right to bear arms in two ways:

  • Regaining possession of firearms after forfeiture
  • Appealing denials of permits to purchase guns

Getting Your Guns Back After Forfeiture

If your firearms were confiscated by the police after an allegation of domestic violence, Mr. Connelly may be able to go to court to help you get them back. If so, he will speak to the prosecutor and make an argument before a judge explaining why you should regain possession of your firearms.

These issues often arise when two people have a heated argument, someone calls the police, the police confiscate any firearms at the property and a temporary restraining order is issued. If the domestic dispute is resolved without charges, the police do not just hand over your guns. A legal process must be followed.

Not everyone whose firearms were confiscated can expect to regain possession of their guns. Your chances of success depend on the facts of the underlying domestic violence case.

  • If you were convicted of domestic violence or if your home situation remains volatile, you have little chance of getting your right to possess a firearm reinstated.
  • If the domestic violence allegations against you were dropped and the other party does not object to you regaining possession of your firearms, you have a much greater likelihood of success.

Protecting Your Right to Purchase Firearms

If your application for a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card or Handgun Purchase Permit is denied or unreasonably delayed, Mr. Connelly will appeal the denial. These permits can be denied if your criminal record includes a conviction on a domestic violence charge or if your name appears on a terror watch list. Not every permit denial can be appealed successfully. NJ Gun laws can be complicated, Mr. Connelly will examine the facts of your case and let you know if he can help. 

Each case needs to be evaluated individually. To arrange a free initial consultation about your situation, please call attorney William J. Connelly, III, or contact his law office online. From offices in Tinton Falls, near Red Bank, New Jersey, he represents clients throughout Monmouth County and surrounding counties.

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